Many parents love to let their children participate in any sport that makes their body movements. What the parents don’t know is that their child may not thrive in the formal leagues, as most sports do have one of them. You need to find the sport that your child will be interested in, but also one that is fitted for their age group.

It is understandable that you want to give the best sport to your child and that they will have a lifelong fitness. However, you must consider the sports that are kid-friendly, especially with their body shape that may not be suited for certain sports. With you encouraging and supporting your child, it will help spark your child’s interest in sports. When you notice this, catch on the energy and bring them to different sporting events in your local neighborhood and even share your interests in sports with your kid.

Activities appropriate for their age
Any child will likely show their natural preferences on certain activities or sports. You have to start there, with your child’s age, abilities, and maturity in mind.

Ages between 2 and 5
Preschoolers and toddlers are starting to master most of the basic human movements, but they are still too young to get into most of the organized sports. Toddlers that engage in organized sports usually do not gain any advantage in the long-term when it comes to future performance on sports.
At this age group, they are more appropriate for an unstructured free play like:

  • Swimming
  • Catching
  • Throwing
  • Tumbling
  • Running

Ages between 6 and 9
At this age group, the children have already developed a better vision, transitional skills and attention spans, like throwing for improve, distance. They are also better at following directions, too. This means that they can engage in organized activities like:

  • Baseball, softball or T-ball
  • Soccer
  •  Running
  • Swimming
  •  Gymnastics
  • Martial arts
  •  Tennis

Some parents love to introduce their child to this age group into strength training. It is okay to let them start at the age of 7 or 8, as long as they are carefully supervised and that the child is motivated to do it. You must focus on proper movement and technique.

Ages between 10 and 12
At this age group, children have already developed a mature vision and their ability in recalling and understanding sports strategies. These kids are usually ready to engage in sports that have complex skills, like volleyball, basketball, hockey, and football. However, you need to keep in mind that the child’s growth spurts that are caused by puberty can affect the balance and coordination temporarily.
Whichever sports that your children will end up participating in, make sure that she or he has built up the proper foundation of movement and technique. Sports and coach professionals, like tennis and golf pros, can be your greatest resources for this.

How about contact sports?
Before you allow your child to engage in contact sports, don’t forget to consider their age first, including their physical size and maturity as well. Most contact sports have aggressive activities involved, so you need to consider first whether or not your child will enjoy it and if it is appropriate for them, especially when it comes to developing their character?

Since children enter into puberty at different ages, they might undergo dramatic changes with their body, even of the same sex. Children that are competing against each other who are more mature physically and this situation can increase the risk of getting injured during the game.

Being the parent, make sure you are involved and don’t forget about the safety of your child.  There are also other choices for sports or for times off the field, that your child can still stay active, build hand and eye coordination, and get the thrill of gamesmanship.  Great examples of this are table tennis and Foosball.  These sports also have the benefit of being indoors, so they’re great for rainy weather activity.  We recommend checking out scouting report Foosball tables and picking one right for your family’s budget and then have the option of a great game that can be played at home and still be of great benefit to your child and your whole clan.